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Justice and Memory
Confronting traumatic pasts. An international comparison
Edité par Ruth Wodak, Gertraud Auer Borea d'Olmo

Série Passagen Gesellschaft

Every society must cope with traumatic pasts. The many ways in which societies cope with the past(s) form part of the „politics of the past“: history is thus continuously reformulated ex post facto and presented as a seemingly coherent narrative related to specific (hegemonic) interests.
The present volume summarises the contributions of 18 prominent scholars of an international interdisciplinary conference at the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue, Vienna, in June 2008. Commemorative events, issues of guilt, justice and legitimation as well as forms of restitution were compared, analysed and discussed in respect to their functions, objectives and effects, while focussing their specifically national contexts of origin and their respective impact. Thus, the many dimensions of „remembering and forgetting“ were part and parcel of the theoretical and methodological presentations, on the one hand, and of specific national case studies (in Europe, South-Africa, South America (Chile), Israel, and so forth), on the other. Salient social phenomena such as war crimes and tribunals, the functions of ideologies and images of the past (Geschichtsbilder) were deconstructed and critically debated, always related to specific national and transnational contexts. It became obvious that the past(s) can never be silenced; and that they always impinge on the present and future of all societies – and our lives.

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Geschichte | Vergangenheitsbewältigung | Politik

Autres titres de Ruth Wodak, Gertraud Auer Borea d'Olmo


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Paru en 2009, tir. 1
ISBN 9783851659115
235 x 155 mm
328 pages
Prix 37,00 EUR
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