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J. C. Nyíri
The Stateless Society
Tradition in the Network Age
Societies in the age of economic globalization and global networking are increasingly characterized by a certain fluidity, a lack of stability, a kind of statelessness. These tendencies are partly enhanced and partly counteracted by the changing role of the political state. Although the nation-state seems to retain some of its basic functions and indeed acquires some important new roles even in the network age, its sovereignity is on the decline. And while national cultures are realities, so-called national traditions are largely fictious. Tradition is but a specific institution of knowledge storage in pre-literal cultures. In a literate culture knowledge is recorded in written documents; tradition in the strict sense of the word becomes marginal. With digitalization and computer networking, texts today, once more, tend to lose their permanence. There emerges a new necessity for certain consciously defended stabilities, constancies and continuities; however, these cannot assume the guise of tradition.
J. C. Nyíri, geboren 1944, ist nach Studien der Philosophie und der Mathematik ordentlicher Professor an der Universität Budapest. Er ist korrespondierendes Mitglied der Ungarischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und Direktor des Instituts für Philosophie der Akademie. Seine Forschungsschwerpunkte sind die Geschichte der Philosophie im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, insbesondere die Philosophie Wittgensteins, die österreichisch-ungarische Geistesgeschichte, die Philosophie der Kommunikation und die Auswirkungen elektronischer Vernetzung.

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